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Pillow Pets – The Universal Language of Love

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We have been selling Pillow Pets in Canada since 2008. My Pillow Pets Canada has been very proud to provide this wonderful toy to children from all corners of our country and beyond. We have had many wonderful experiences over the years and have received nothing but positive feedback from our many customers. One of the most loyal and generous of these is Linnie Tse from Edmonton, Alberta.


Linnie is an employee of 11 years with the Alberta Municipal affairs as a ‘Barrier-Free Administrator’. Linnie is also disabled. Her disability came about from 4-5 strokes in 1985 and then a viral infection which attacked her nervous system further 7 months later.

Not that that has slowed her down any.

“I also volunteer – a lot – President of my Co-op, President of the Universal Standards Certification Committee for the World Disability Union (WDU), Chair of the Children’s’ Ability Fund, Director, and Aging in Place Committee both nationally and locally. I know…I’m crazy!”

Through all of her achievements and activities, she still takes time to purchase a lot of Pillow Pets a few times a year – every year and then give them away to children in Canada, the US and abroad.

“At home here I give the Pillow Pets to all children from newborn to age 5, whether they live here or afar. I’m surrounded by little ones at church and at home. I also meet the children of friends I meet at conferences abroad.”

Linnie described how her Flower Power Cat Pillow Pet was now in Mongolia with her sister-in-law's four year old niece.

“She's a beautiful little girl who doesn't know any English but the Pillow Pets are the universal language of love."  

Children in Istanbul, Ghana and the US have all been the grateful recipients of Linnie’s thoughtfulness and generosity.

It was at the time of Linnie’s most recent order that I mentioned her to my family. Everybody at the table was sincerely impressed and so she became the inspiration for our first blog on our new website.

Thank-you Linnie for your loyal patronage but more importantly for your humanity.

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